How do I Set My Out of Office Message in Outlook 2010?

All new versions of software bring changes and being creatures of habit if it’s not where it was before we feel like something’s drastically wrong as we click and click to find out where it must have gone.

That was my experience after I upgraded to Outlook 2010 and was leaving for vacation trying to find out where I could change my Out of Office message. Fortunately once I found it I was happy to see all the familar features of the Out of Office feature. Not only can you set different messages to be sent to people inside verses outside of your company but you can also schedule when the Out of Office replies are sent; so you don’t forget to turn them on or off when your going to be away.

Below is a quick cheat sheet to help you find this feature fast in Outlook 2010.

Go to “File” then click “Info” and choose “Automatic Replies (Out of Office)

Checking “Send Automatic Replies” will enable this feature.

Simply set the start and end times and type out a message into each text box – one message for people in your company and another for people outside your company. There is also a checkbox to turn the vacation messages on or off for each of the two groups.


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