How to Activate The Blackberry Torch 9800 on a BlackBerry Enterprise Server

*From the home screen go to SETUP

*Select Email Accounts

*Select Enterprise Account

*Type out your Exchange email address

*Type out your activation password that was provided by your BlackBerry Enterprise Server administrator

*Click Continue


(Wait 3-5 minutes, if you get an error contact your Administrator, reset and try the Enterprise Activate again. If the activation fails again contact your BES support team)

** Verifying Encryption
** Encryption Verified
** Waiting for Services
** Services Received
**Your Email Address is now Enabled
** DATA will start Syncing 0-100%
** Activation Completed


12 Responses to “How to Activate The Blackberry Torch 9800 on a BlackBerry Enterprise Server”

  1. Black Berry User Says:

    Worked perfectly, thank you so much.

  2. Acil Says:

    i got new BB torch, how to activate account for its. In setup menu say that there is no account activated got trouble. thanks for your reply soon.

  3. DB Khadka Says:

    Dear Sir,

    I need your help to e-mail setup in my Blackberry Torch 9800 device.


    DB Khadka

  4. Matthew Palis Says:

    If you just want email to be delivered to your BB then you will want to contact your cellular carrier and talk to them about how you can enter your existing email account information into their BIS (BlackBerry Internet Service) website. This service is only delivers email to your BB device. If you want to have all your Outlook data (Inbox & Subfolders, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks and Notes) wirelessly synced to your Blackberry then you may want to do a free trial of our Blackberry Wireless Syncing service found here:

  5. majid Says:

    How to get a BlackBerry Enterprise Server administrator activation password ‘The Blackberry Torch 9800 on a BlackBerry Enterprise Server”

  6. Matthew Palis Says:

    You will need to talk to the person who manages your BlackBerry Enterprise Server.. when your account is created on the BlackBerry server an activation password is created at that time. The server admin will be able to give you that password so you can activate the device on that BlackBerry Server.

  7. Dimitris Says:

    Thnx m8. Helped a lot!!

  8. Mariusz Says:

    Do I need to be inside the corporate network to make the activation possible or is it ok if I go over the mobile network?

    How does the BES recognize me and my device if they’re not in the same network?


  9. Matthew Palis Says:


    The basic process is as follows. First you need to give the BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) administrator at your company the PIN number to your BlackBerry. They will associate your Blackberry PIN in the BES to your Micrsoft Exchange mailbox and give you a temporary activation password. As long as your BlackBerry has data service on the cell network then you will be able to go thru the process described in this post. Essentially what happens is once you do the activation on your BlackBerry described in these steps is your BlackBerry sends a special email using the cell network and sends it to your email address. The email goes from the cell network to the internet and arrives in your mailbox on your corporate email system like any other email. The BES server is constantly looking in your mailbox for this special activation email since you have not activated yet.. Once the BES sees the special email in your mailbox it grabs it and kicks off the activation of your BlackBerry on the BES server.

    So as long as your BlackBerry has data service thru your cell provider it does not matter where you are located – it can activate.

    Hope this helps!

  10. Rean Rheeder Says:

    Trying to activate and struggling, does it have to do with the problems being experiences with all Blackberry’s currently. If so, when do you anticipate it will be resolved?

  11. Matthew Palis Says:


    I Apologize for the delay in getting back to you.
    Your issue was most likely due to the global outages that RIM was having.
    Were you able to get the BlackBerry to activate once they fixed the issue?


  12. Rean Rheeder Says:

    I managed to get it to work but for some reason stopped recieving mails @9am our time (GMT+2) yesterday. I’ve looked thru the settings but cannot fix. The reason I chose a BB was for the enterprise e-mails and that’s not working.

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